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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dies Irae Amantes Amentes PSP ISO Download

Dies Irae Amantes Amentes PSP ISO Download

Game Info:

Dies Irae Amantes Amentes is a visual novel based Single Player game which is developed by Light. It was released in the region of Japan before releasing it to any other region of the world. The people who are addicted to Animes know more about it then we do. The story of the game is quite interesting, we can not provide you all the details about it to keep a suspense about playing game. You would enjoy it more when you will come to know while playing it. There is so much to make the game quite addictive and interesting. We personally would suggest you to try this game because the rating of this game is quite high in all the regions of the world. Do Let us know if you like it and don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

Game Images:

Download Info:

 Name: Dies Irae Amantes Amentes
 Region: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Size: 1.62 GB
                                                                    Genre: RPG
Developer: Light
Release Date: N/A

Download (JPN)

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